Alysa McCall completed an Honours degree in Animal Biology at Thompson Rivers University in Canada, spending her time studying small mammals in the grasslands. She then enrolled at Alberta University where she is currently researching the largest terrestrial predator, the polar bear.


Alysa’s MSc in Ecology project is researching polar bear distribution and habitat selection in Hudson Bay. Her research focuses on the Western Hudson Bay population of polar bears. Through her research, Alysa aims to A) analyse variation in polar bear distribution in Hudson Bay over time, and B) look at patterns of polar bear habitat selection on the sea ice to determine if and how they have responded to changing sea ice conditions. This research will allow the examination of the complex relationship between the extent of sea ice and the population of polar bears. It will provide knowledge about how other polar bear populations may respond to changing sea ice conditions throughout the Arctic.


Alysa also volunteers her time to help with public outreach. She takes part in Tundra Connections broadcasts, writes blog entries, and responds to questions from students interested in learning more about polar bears. You can watch Alysa teach about polar bear adaptations here:


Oh, and did I mention she plays with polar bears???!!! How cool is that…


Go Alysa. Go Science!!!